Kookaburra nest

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Kookaburra nest

here's some photos from earlier this morning:


kookaburranest.jpg                http://img440.imageshack.us/img440/4454/kookaburranest3.jpg
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Nathan, they are great !!! (just one question, did you crop the tail off, or were you that close? As I have a camera just like yours, I have it always extended to 300mm) ) No1 is very good, although the bird is behind the branche, the focus is on the bird. Well done !!!. Did you use AF, or manual? You will get to know your new camera in no time. I think all of us will follow your progress.


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I was very close to the kookaburra in the first and last photo M-L,i probably should of zoomed out a little bit

as for AF,i always use it - i simply cannot get the hang of handling the focus ring + the lense

NathanY - Perth,W.A.

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I love watching the kookas. We get quite a few of them here.  But I've never found their nest. You're so lucky you have and can watch them.

Selby, Victoria

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