Laratinga Wetlands

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Rick N
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Laratinga Wetlands

One of our local wetlands has copped a beating lately with damaging storms a month ago and then to top it off last weeks flooding.

Popped in for a look and was pleasantly surprised to see most of the uprooted trees cleared up and not much flood damage to speak of.

Early Spring so duck breeding is just starting, but still a couple of Australasian Shoveler with brood in tow, Hardhead,Musk Duck, two Teals and Pacific Blacks of course.

Australasian Reed-warblers were very active flitting from reed to reed, more than I have seen for a while.

Nice stolen hour.

Australasian Shoveler

Australian Reed-warbler

Shovelers with brood


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Great set Rick. I have never seen Shovellor ducklings before

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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I hope the authorities didn't clear all the fallen trees, Rick. Some of them, at least, would make great habitat.


Great return from a stolen hour - lovely duck family. I saw some reed warblers a week or so ago, also very active at this time of year, perching from highest reeds and singing their song. 

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These are lovely photos.


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