New Holland Honey Eater????

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New Holland Honey Eater????

I photographed these birds near Cotter's Lake at Wilson's Prom.  They seemed to be together but I am not sure if they are New Holland Honey Eaters or White Cheeked Honey Eater.  The range is not correct fot a White Cheeked Honey Eater.

Whilst there I briefly saw a flog of small parrots and at first I thought they were Blue Winged Parrots however the contrast to the blue patch on the wing and a vivid yellow underbelly was dramatic.  I have seen Blue Winged Parrots before and I don't recall their colours being so eye catching.  Unfortunately I didn't get to observe them for long as some more people were on the track who disturbed them.

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Crescent Honeyeater. 

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