Is this a Singing Honeyeater?

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Is this a Singing Honeyeater?


This week I saw this bird near Basham Beach in Port Elliot and I'm having trouble confirming its identity.  It seems to look to me like a Singing Honeyeater, but the shape is not quite right to my eye, and there is a red or orange patch on the throat.  It has the black eye band and yellow below that, with a black beak.  I was able to get some good photos.  What do you think?  Any help would be appreciated!


AJ Anderson
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Yes, it is.

Looks like it has been into the grapes!

Looks just like our locals otherwise. More of a similar pic for comparison @ Birdlife:


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The Singing Honeyeater is one of the most common birds at Basham Beach. I suspect this bird has been drinking from a container with a rusty rim at the old dairy ruins in the Reserve.

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Thank you!  It never occurred to me that it might be a stain.  Lesson learned!

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