Stirling National Park

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Stirling National Park

Went onto day hike down south to the Stirling National Park

Highlights were getting my first decent pix of a Brown Falcon, Western Yellow Robin and Elegant Parrots. Also some swallows(??) which I have never seen before.

Plus a few other birds which im still trying to ID

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Tree Martins judging from the habitat. They love horizontal, hollow branches in Eucalypts.

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Very many thanks Woko for ID, definately a new tick for me

Dont take life too seriously, it never ends well

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Grats on the new ticks. Nice set of photos. Would be 2 new ones for me. Thanks for sharing. 

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2 new for me also. Great range of birds you get your way

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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Isn't the variety in our birdlife across this country just delightful! From the tiniest and most delicate little creatures to the powerful birds of prey and so much more. It would take more than one life time to look for and find all of the birds we have, so that makes photography and the internet such a wonderful thing for us all to share in the delight.

Thank you.

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