Striated Pardalote family

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Striated Pardalote family

Wandering around the Wonnerup wetlands near Busselton and came across this delightful bunch.

Despite the lack of cover on their dead tree home, they  couldnt care less about my presence

Well except initally but does anyone like someone at their door on a sunday morning :)

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Just brilliant, I love pardalotes, (even if have only ever seen the spotted variety).  thanks 


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Lovely set of shots, Laza. Is that a good wetland to visit if in the area?


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Thanks ladies 

I really like pardalote as well Elizabeth , though I tend to see more Striated then Spotted 

Oh yes Sue, its great area besides the wetlands you also have a Tuart forest as its borde

So you can really see a great variety of birdlife 

Dont take life too seriously, it never ends well


Last one is a classic with the pardalotte eye-balling you out of that hole -  "The Striated Stare" . Excelent photos.

Your photos give the impression that all the birds are just perched on these dead trees all around waiting for you to photograph them - but I know its not as easy that. 

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Thanks WD

Yes while they are allowed me to get close, i did have to rely on my usual skill when photographing the small birds.

That is put the Nikon onto semi auto 3FPS and then go through about 40 photos and see whichs ones stuck  :)

Dont take life too seriously, it never ends well

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lovely photos

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