kookaburras nesting

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kookaburras nesting

WE have had two kookaburras conscientiously attending a nest they have made in a box my husband built for a possum. The box is in the fork of a tree about 10 meters up. The chicks are now quite noisy. The adult arrives with lunch in beak to a nearby branch, and cackles till the bubs respond. Then darts to the box and flies back to the branch,sometimes with the lizard still in the beak. It may take two or three goes before the lizard is dropped in the box. Sometimes an adult gets into the box, but not so much now as it must be getting crowded in there. What's going on with the feeding ritual? How long will the bubs be fed by the adults? There are different "laughs" that mum or dad make - maybe depending on how full their mouth is. But do these calls have other significance?

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