What bird shits a turd? (I don't mean to be rude!)

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What bird shits a turd? (I don't mean to be rude!)

Sometimes I see a poo in or near my bird bath that is massive for any bird to drop. It can be as large as my index finger and of a familiar 'turd' shape. It is usually a pale brown colour with lots of grains in it and dry enough to hold its shape. I've never been able to figure out what bird might have such a massive and well formed poo! The suspects are the satin bower bird and perhaps a pied currawong.
Funny, searches on this subject don't give me much info! It seems highly irregular to me as most bird droppings are small and wet.
If anyone knows what I'm talking about, please enlighten me! I'm mystified!
I hope no one is upset by my question. I do not mean to be rude, I'm just curious.

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Firstly, what is your location (always helpful with ID) and surrounding area like? Might be, if your near some bush, something like a possum, which will climb if your bird bath is stable enough. Just a thought.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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I know what you mean but I'm not sure which bird is responsible, maybe an owl or frogmouth, currawong a possibility. definitely not a possum, possum poos look like jellybeans.

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I'm on the NSW far south coast in a tiny village. Lots of possums here but my bird bath is not sturdy enough to have one on its edge. I posted this today as I saw the biggest of these poos yet and it was on the edge of that bird bath.

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Oooh! Love the concept of an owl but it was full of grain, not mouse fur....

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Any photos?

Log Runner
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pied currawongs often regurgitate a pellet of indigestable matter such as insect shell fragments, fruit seeds etc and they seem to like doing this by the birdbath for some reason.

have a look at the birds behaving badly- pied currawong fact sheet on this website. Lots of weed seeds can be  present in the pellet

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Yes! That makes sense. I was looking at the wrong end! A Pied Currawong, freeing up some space for more feeding. Thank you!

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Thanks for that info.

I was looking at some small bark brown/black pellets (maybe 1cm x 2cm) full of seed/insect husks at home the other day and wondering if it was from a Tawny Frogmouth or similar, but sounds like they could be from Currawongs too.


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I was steered to the possibility that a Currawong chucked up what it wasn't easily digesting.I googled it and found out that they do this and many seeds that are undigestible are brought up, which is why I was seeing so much grain in it.

Perhaps a few birds will do this to clear their crops.

Makes sense to me!

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Another reason to rip out those Cotoneasters, folks. And to encourage your neighbours to do likewise.

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