What do you use when photographing

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What do you use when photographing

hey everone just wondering what you all use  when you photograph?

im looking for some accessories for my Nikon d3100 i already have a

tripod any suggestions that could enhance my photography


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You may find a monopod easier to use than a tripod.

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In my case, less is more. I use my camera and lens. Nothing more.  No tripods, bipods, stabilisers, I don't even use the inbuilt flash much. Your situation may differ of course, but you should be careful not to go overboard.

  Personally, I think experience is the most imporant accessory.

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I have really weak wrists (esp. my right after fracturing part of it once), so I find a monopod comes in handy sometimes, particularly in low light. But, whenever I drag it out, I find myself cursing the lost flexibility... I suspect the answer is more practise. 

OTOH, I have a Pentax camera which has inbuilt Shake Reduction, so possibly my comments aren't as relevant for you using Nikon. 

Specifically, I've got a Giottos MML 3280B. Had to spend extra as I'm too tall for my own good... angry

I have been considering buying a tripod, but that's for landscapes rather than Bird Photography. Thus I can't quite justify the cost to myself over the current setup consisting of a $10 beanbag. 

Before buying equipment you should probably have a look at your technique and read a few arficles on the net to check you are holding the camera as steady as possible- it's the cheapest way to reduce vibrations after all...

Check out this website: http://digitalbirdphotography.com/windows/8.5.html

The guy who created it has a lot of useful stuff to say in general. 

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Like others have said, the most important thing is to learn about photography before getting more gear.

If you are using auto you may as well get a P&S. Once you learn what your camera can do and utilise this then you can look at what more you want.(then it starts to get expensive)wink

Shorty......Canon gear



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thanks for the link - this website is just great. 


That looks a great website ..... but a frying pan as an accessory ?  http://digitalbirdphotography.com/windows/8.4.html

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Weeelll, you are going around shooting birds. 

You've gotta cook them too, and the whole frying pan business saves you having to take them home. Same with the bean bag suggestions- that way you've got rice to go with your dinner!


:) .... ok the frying pan is for post processing !

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