What goes on inside a grape vine?

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What goes on inside a grape vine?

Well if you have red Wattlebirds in the 'hood something like this...


Have not had time to do much personal stuff of late, so have forced some down time to put this little clip together. Real time. natural sound track AND NO added food laugh. ad

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How wonderful was that Davidsmiley. They really enjoyed those grapescheeky . I am just wondering if that wasn't a wattlebird from 0.33 - 0.56 . I could be wrong but it seemed to look more like a sparrow  to me. By the way I think you have done a excellent job at this video . I find filming so hard.

Kerry - Perth, Western Australia.

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Shoop thank for your comments and looking. You are right I forgot to mention the sparrow cameo, it was so cute and refined I just had to include it. Need to make some time to show the other visitors as well wink. ad.

Annie W
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Silly youtube won't let me see anything, I can hear it and see the frames when I hover so strongly suspect something wrong at my end.  Will try for another look later!

NW Tasmania

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Annie, I notice google chrome has been having trouble opening the last few day days so likely youtube is playing up too. It does work OK as I checked it when I uploaded the link. ad

Rick N
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Great vid, they really get stuck into the grapes.



They are tough ol' grapes. They don't give up easily. There is a wild grapevine in an inaccessible part of the block of flats where I live (growing out of a rock wall/cliff) and I have noticed how much the currawongs enjoy them. 

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Thanks Rick & Rich, Tough they aren't even half ripe by my standards. They mustn't mind the bitter taste because they were all devoured long before they were ripe...if I were eating them most would still be on the vinelaugh The same for the sultanas they were as green as grass. ad

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