What kind of owl do we have here?

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What kind of owl do we have here?

Hello all, I'm wondering if the experts out there are able to tell from this picture which kind of owl we have here? There is a Powerful Owl living around here - I would be chuffed if I was able to snap a picture of him. But it could be almost any kind of owl as far as I know.

All help very much appreciated, as always.

Janice, Waratah West NSW 2298.

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That is a Tawny Frogmouth.

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I agree with Tim for Tawny Frogmouth. The Tawny Frogmouth is actually not an owl, it is a Frogmouth (as the name suggests) and is more closely related to nightjars.


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definitely a Tawny Frogmouth, good spotting

Tegan - Melbourne Vic.


Thank you so much guys! I would normally recognise a Tawny Frog Mouth, I must need a nap :-) Very much appreciated, as always!

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