Which Bird?

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Which Bird?

Is this an immature White-Bellied Sea Eagle or a Whistling Kite?

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Looks like a Whistling Kite to me. How big was it moderate sized or large?

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I didn't think it was big enough to be the sea eagle. I originally thought it was going to be and osprey because it seemed to be a similar size.

Rick N
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I think Whistling Kite by the undermarkings.

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Whistling Kite. Lorne

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Thanks for the help guys. I'll go with the Whistling Kite. :)

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The key to separating the two is the underwing markings and the shape of the tail, plus size, but if you have nothing to compare to it is difficult to ascertain size.

White-bellied Sea Eagle (juvenile/immature): wedge tail, which is buff or brownish in colour with distinct black or very dark tips that get lost towards adulthood with the tail turning white.

Whistling Kite: rounded tail that is mostly the same colour through and through

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