Yellow Thornbill

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Yellow Thornbill

Who knew Thornbills could sit still long enough to preen and stretch... Enjoy!




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They are great photos akasha of a bird i am yet to see. The feathers all fluffed up look like spun silk. I f you don't mind me asking where did you see this cute bird?



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O, they are just beautiful little birds. Like Shane I haven't seen one. Lovely photos, just like fine silk in the sun. (as so well described by Shane)


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Cute little guy and lucky to have him sit still.

M-L keep an eye out any time you are in drier woodlands, they are often seen around Melbourne.

Cheers, Owen.

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These were taken at the Orange Botanic Gardens (central west NSW). I like your description of the feathers Shane. The day I took this photo there was a flock of Brown, Striated and Yellow Thornbills. The Striated's tend to stay pretty high up in the trees and the Brown's are quite flighty but the Yellows (here and other places I've seen them) tend to be alot more docile and tolerant of people. They flit around in the lower scrub, about 6-8 feet from the ground. Good luck with the search guys!

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