Yellow-faced Honeyeater eating seeds

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Yellow-faced Honeyeater eating seeds

To support birds, I can't emphasize the importance of native grasses enough. As you can see, even the Honeyeaters enjoy them.

I took these early this morning. The Scarlet Robins now follow me everywhere, but I only heard the Golden Whistlers, but they are still there.

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Spot on Araminta. Not only are the native grasses great for providing seeds they also provide nesting material & food for butterfly larvae which in turn provide food for birds. This morning I found a fallen nest in a kangaroo thorn Acacia paradoxa. The nest was made almost entirely from elegant spear grass Stipa elegantissima. Many Australian grasses are quite ornamental &, if they're local to the ornamental gardener, make great additions to gardens. But please, folks, don't plant feather top grass Pennisetum villosum or green fountain grass Pennisetum setaceum, both ornamental invasive weeds popular with landscapers & many new home owners.

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Good work M-L. Very detailed and close, I don't have any like that of this species.

Cheers, Owen.

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