automatic bird baths/waterers

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automatic bird baths/waterers

Does anyone know if there is such a thing as an easily procurable automatic bird bath. I will be away for some time and do not want to leave my birds without clean and fresh water every day.

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Any rural supply store or pet store will have "drip feed water" containers, they are an upright bottle, which releases water once the level drops. Pet stores may only have small ones, but a rural store should have larger versions which would be used for chickens etc. I will PM you with an example link from a google search, as not sure if it is appropriate to post advertising links here.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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If you go to a produce store (or Bunnings?) they can also sell you things like a swimmer you can attach to the garden tap and hose, then hang into the bath. If the birds have a bath in the water though, it won't get cleaned while you are away, only water will be added.

I have large ones for my dogs. But they are all in plastic, and in summer the water gets hot and needs to be replaced often, and there is not enough room to have a bath.


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