a crappy day

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a crappy day

What a crappy day?

My garden is full of birds at the moment. Crescent Honeyeaters high up in the canopies, two Lewin’s Honeyeaters darting around, Wrens chasing each other, two Bassian Thrushes, and many more. But all I can get is a Kookaburra sitting on a fence post, another Yellow Robin, some Red Firetails and a Superb Fairy-wren trying to get away from me. ( I have contemplated to take a short break from bird photography, my days seem to be dominated by the obsession to take photos? But then again, a one afternoon’s break would be enough??)

Just joking….., will be out there tomorrow, trust me.blush

and the wren that ran away from me:

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Take a short break from photographing birdslaughlaughlaugh Yea rightwink

Love the Yellow Robin, super sharpyes

Shorty......Canon gear



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Robin & red brow for me smiley


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Lovely photos M-L!! :)

Love yellow robins. So cute! :)

Annie W
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A break?  Noooo, don't do it M-L.  I've had a self-imposed break of almost a week - only because I have steeled myself to knock over some major yardwork while the weather is unusually fine.  But I am feeling it not picking up "my precious", it hurts broken heartwink, truly smiley.  Those Yellow Robins of yours just melt my heart every time I see them, beautiful shots, #3 my fav heart

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