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Put on a sun hat, slap on the sunscreen and hydrate yourselves because it's time to take part in our Birds in Backyards Summer Survey 2019!

How to encourage insectivores and granivores this summer


It’s been awhile so we thought it would be a good time to update you all on our Bird Strike Project and what we have been up to.

Good day to you all and seasons greetings!

Looking for something a little different this Christmas - and maybe hoping to start a new tradition that is both festive and sustainable? Why not avoid the pines or the plastic and buy a native tree?

Want to do a Birds in Backyards survey but don't quite know where to start?

Join us for a free 1 hour webinar and learn:

Birds in Schools is an environmental education project designed to engage Years 5 and 6 students in citizen science through monitoring birds. We have a series of 2 modules available for free to teach teachers and students how to monitor birds (our Pardalote package).

Migratory short-tailed shearwaters are Australia’s most numerous seabird, but washed-up carcasses, late arrivals and low numbers have conservationists worried.

The carcasses began to arrive in July.

Art sneaks up on people

     “Art sneaks up on people”, Sue Poggioli said. “A nice image draws people in. You make an image and it makes people look at it and think about it.”

Sue is talking about the prints that form part of the three-year Overwintering project.

While catastrophic fires eradicate habitats, it's important to think of ways to integrate nature into our city environments, writes Dr Peter Fisher.

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