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Sparrows in the mining towns of Broken Hill and Mount Isa have adapted to avoid the uptake of lead, according to a new genetic study of the birds.

Researchers from Macquarie University compared the genomic data of sparrows from the mining towns in New South Wales and Queensland respectively, with sparrows from nine other regional and urban centres.

Well, congratulations backyard birders! You made it through the winter – cold for some, balmy for others – and completed your 2018 Winter Surveys. For our second Birds in Backyards seasonal survey, 202 people surveyed 227 sites around the country and counted a total of 20,405 birds across 258 species. Not a bad effort, team!

Southern Queensland is wrapping up its second season of Powerful Owl monitoring, and not surprisingly, the project which proved to be such as success in NSW and Victoria has found many citizens happy to help uncover where Powerful Owls are found, and how they are doing. BirdLife Southern Queensland’s Powerful Owl project is proudly sponsored by the Logan City Council, and was supported by Brisb

Well everyone, it’s coming to that delightful time of the year again where plants seem to come alive over those cold winter months, bursting into bloom with a diversity of shapes and colours and displaying their new healthy green foliage, getting ready to soak up that warm sun and spring rain.  It’s also that time where we get especially busy because spring offers us time outside, to exercise,

Probably the most well known of the 8 Bowerbird species found in Australia, the Satin Bowerbirds, specifically the males are notorious for their love of blue things.  There is much more to these birds though. The adult male has that striking glossy blue-black plumage, and a violet-blue eye. The colour is even more impressive under UV lights (which birds are able to see).

The spring is sprung, the grass is rizz, I wonder where the birdies is. I bet they’re in the garden. Conduct a survey this September & October and find out.

Sad news update: S23 has died. S22 is still doing well

There's been a ripple of excitement — and hope — in the Australian birdwatching world after recent sightings of the critically endangered regent honeyeater and swift parrot in northern coastal regions of New South Wales.

To some, they are the lost causes of the conservation world; a handful of species not only on the brink of extinction but elusive, hard to get to and even harder to track. Difficult.

They have led Dejan Stojanovic into some of the most remote corners of Australia, through rivers of mud and up trees. If the wind picks up, some days he will get motion sick in the branches.

Swallow, starling, puffin, parrot and penguin.... We use these names so often that few of us ever pause to wonder about their origins.

Yet the stories behind how the world’s birds got their names reveal tales of epic expeditions, ornithological rivalry, historical events - and even the occasional romantic gesture.

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