Willie Wagtail and Pacific Black Ducks

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Willie Wagtail and Pacific Black Ducks

Had a quick stop at the river bank on the way home from a friends house. Wasn't much happening in terms of light available and birds @ the river but managed to capture a few. The colours due to the poor llight conditions came out not so normal looking but i happen to like them.

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I particularly love the second photo- It's adorable

Is that a bit of spider web sticking to the wagtail's head? And it's got a bit of a stubble and a moustache too... Should have checked himself in the mirror before he went out cheeky

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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Ahh yes the 2nd shot is my favourite too> i love the compsoition of them and the green colour reflection coming from the tree and their reflection in it too.
Guess Willie got the spider or the spider web got him. Not sure if u seen it in my flickr but its in higher res there thou i shrunk it a little compared to the original for sakes of not uploading 9mb files but its alot more visible in a higher res if you havn't seen it on flickr. Eventually after some time i will replace my best photos with RAW edited versions since i shoot in RAW + JPEG but no time to play with RAW at the moment. You can get that little extra with RAW thou sometimes it aint even nessessary.

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Poor light conditions?  I'd say the opposite is true. That 2nd pic is great light.

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Beautiful soft light photos. I too love the second photo with the beautiful greens and the reflections

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Sorry by poor light i mean in general it was poor for the day. Before i captured these I had seen Sea Eagles, Cormorants, White-naped Honeyeaters, White-plumned Honeyeaters, Eastern yellow Robin and Gold Whistler but couldnt get enough shutter speed. Could have had some good BIF of the Sea Eagle and a cormorant.
On those photos the sun dipped below the cloud but soon it dissapeared behind the mounatins so very shortly lived period.

dmp wrote:

Poor light conditions?  I'd say the opposite is true. That 2nd pic is great light.

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Colors look fine to me Vas.

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