At last Ninox strenua.....

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At last Ninox strenua.....

...or a Powerful Owl!surprise Tick!!!smiley

Devster and I set off on this morning with some fairly reliable information on a sighting although there was a disclaimer right at the end that worried me, "well that's where it was two weeks ago!".

It was exactly where we were told it would be.

 As per some previous tips it was:

Near a creek.

At the base of a heavily forested gully.

And there was bird droppings where the bird was roosting.

 Plenty of photos but some serious red eyes as well.


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Nice find. I never seem to be able to get such a clear view of our Turner Powl

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera


Excellent photos Reflex ... congratulations tracking down the Powerful Owl. Did you have to venture far afield?

Didnt realise what a dangerous occupation being a possum was until i saw all these powerful owl photos. 

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Great shots. Finding it with food is a bonus.

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Great shots from a great day smiley

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Congrats, Reflex. They are an awesome bird to see.Great pics.

Shorty......Canon gear


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Thanks everyone!

A Powerful Owl is a significant "Tick" by birding standards and especially when you happen to live in what is supposed to be the home of the Powerful Owl! blush

Current bird count is now 171 and I'm hoping to add at least two more to this on the week-end. smiley

Samford Valley Qld.

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Congrats Reflex, great find. I like how the owl looks fed and sleepy and then all the sudden he is staring at you.

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