Green baby seagull droppings

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Green baby seagull droppings


I recently took a sesgull baby home that I found in the roadside with its parents and another seagull baby killed by a car. I took it home, put it in a box and have been feeding it tuna, bread in water and uncooked cod fish. 

Problem is that the droppings were first yellow and watery and are now green and firm. I called the vet but she just said she didnt know what to do, that it was a bad idea to take it home and that she could euthanize it.

Im planning on keeping it until it gets better and give it to a wildlife reserve so they can release it.

The bird was really sick some days ago and couldnt sit, stand or walk at all, but every day that has gone it seems to be getting better, the only thing im afraid of is that the poop is still green. Anyone know what to do and why its green?   

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I've never heard of green gull goo, anthony.gul, so I can't help you, I'm afraid.

Given you're experience with this bird & the information from the vet I'm wondering if you would take home a bird you'd found in the future. 

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Well, seeing as it was either taking it home or leaving it in the road to die of heat or get killed by a car, I probably would take a bird home in the future, that being said if I were to take a bird home in the future I would also know more about how to treat them.

I read somewhere that green bird droppings could be related to the liver in some way for cockatiels, but I'm not sure that's just for those kind of birds or if its a thing for all birds.

The vet said either i euthanize it, i come to her and she'll euthanize it or I take it to the capital where they have a avian vet, but that they would probably also euthanize it. She said that it would probably die the same night I called there because it was so sick, but thats 5 days ago and the bird is now walking around, eating and standing like he did when I first took him in.

She also gave me a number to "fuglehjelpen" which is a norwegian organisation that claims they will take care of found birds, give tips and whatnot. I called there and I was just met with a angry man that said I should have left it in the road.

I really just want this little creature to survive

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what colour are well gull droppings?


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I wish I knew, the seagull is doing better now though he's having some trouble walking. He are starting to lose the fur and get feathers so thats good I guess. The poop however seems to be changing everyday. Took a sample of the poop to the vet to ask them, but they still said they didnt know. I'm guessing however that there isnt anything critical since the bird seems well enough besides his walking being wonky.

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