A surprise this morning

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A surprise this morning

Perhaps not the best photos as highly cropped but this female Rose Robin surprised me in my local park this morning. My first for the season made the walk worthwhile.

Sue from Lane Cove, Sydney

There one minute and gone the next.

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What a pleasant surprise! You did well capturing her.

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Nice find and photos.

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Wonderful, Sue.  What a delightful way to get your day started.

Rick N
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Nice Sue, yet to see one of these beauties.

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Thanks everyopne. Elusive little birds as I have not seen them very often and only in two places. I saw my first male in this same little park and females thrice at Warriewood. The male was stunning and it also surprised me ... a flash of colour through the bush as it flew towards me while I staked out a mere trickle of water towards dusk. Terrible light of course. Good luck finding one .


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Hi Sue,

I love your shots, I never seen a robin before either.

My favourite is the second where she's launching herself into flight.  To get that detail of her flight plumage in such harsh conditions was a good effort.

But I have a question about the tree she's perched in.  Do you have any idea what species it is?  The saw edged leaves and the radial arrangement of the leaves around the branch caught my eye.  Unlike any gum I'm familiar with.

I was just wondering whether it's some sort of European exotic  or an Australian native Gondwana land remanent like the Woolomai Pine.  It looks a bit Oakish to me.


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Sorry Denis, plants have never been my specialty...  but I think it is a Banksia of some sort. She was up high in the gums and came down to perch briefly. It appeared to be a Banksia by the leaves and old flower heads.


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I think it's Banksia integrifolia.

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Thank you Woko,

Banksia sounds right with those leaves, tis a Gondwana surviour.  I'll do some research.


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I had one visit the backyard a couple of weeks ago it stayed for a couple of hours chasing insects between the branches before the local gang of noisy miners turned up and chased it away not sure if they actually caught it but it took off very quickly. Hope it made it to safety. 

For Australian birds, natives=life, exotics=death, so do them a favour and go plant some natives and save their lives.

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Nice find, Sue!

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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