Apostle Birds

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Apostle Birds

These are not the most attractive birds, but they are really interesting to observe. They live in family groups and basically do everything together. Found this group at Ban Ban Springs in Queensland while they were busy preening themselves and others.

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Nice shots, certainly a new bird for me

Thanks for sharing

Dont take life too seriously, it never ends well

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really cool birds

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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They are real characters. I love the last shot with them all sitting together. Very typical for these guys.

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Thanks Devster


Nice photos - love the last one all on the tree branch together. Only seen them in two places around sydney - they seem almost semi-tame at both places.

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Thanks Whistling Duck. Yes, they appear to have little fear of humans. Ban Ban Springs is fairly remote so I don't think there is a lot of human interaction, apart from caravanners like myself passing through. Maybe its safety in numbers?

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The third shot is very typical of the social nature of these birds. A great shot. I agree Ban-Ban Springs is certainly not the busiest central business district in SE Queensland.

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