Pigeons in orchid garden

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Pigeons in orchid garden

Hi everyone,

We were having a family tour last week. After returning home I found all my orchid plants being destroyed.  My husband believes that some neighbours would have done it . I don't think so because we were  maintaining a good relationship with them and it seems that something would have eaten the leaves and flower buds .Yesterday night I saw a group of pigeons in the garden  I think it would have created the mess. I’ve tried some methods to evacuate them but was of no use. My mom suggested to use repellents but I’m afraid whether it would harm the birds .  I need to protect my garden what can I do ? My friend suggested me to use nets. Is this effective? or else shall we consult an agency providing bird evacuation. I’ve heard about one

( http://www.hawkeye.ca ) but have no idea about them.Is it a licenced agency? Do you guys have experience with them? Please share your experiences. Thanks in advance...

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I suspect nets would be the simplest and most effective option. I know many organisations use wire cages to protect orchids from grazing and birds

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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Thanks for the reply

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I wonder if the orchid wreckers were pigeons which are seed eaters. Janaeflynn, did you actually see the pigeons wrecking your orchids (which, I presume, were exotic not native orchids)? Or were the pigeons you saw simply strolling around the garden? Could the orchids have been producing seed which might have attracted the pigeons or some other bird species.

Do you know what species of pigeon they were? If not, can you describe them? Knowing the species might give a clue as to what's going on.

In the absence of a more complete picture & assuming the orchid wreckers were pigeons or some other relatively large animal I guess a mechanical barrier such as wire mesh is the way to go. I'd be very much inclined to avoid chemical repellants of any kind. There are enough nasties in the environment already.

I know nothing about hawkeye (apart from the M*A*S*H variety) but what little I know of businesses of its ilk suggests that they're not all that environmentally aware. Profit is their motive, not protecting the environment, I suspect.

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