C/Sparrowhawks Part 2

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C/Sparrowhawks Part 2

Went out to Collie river again to check on the fledglings and found them in a very prolonged noisy duel. Not sure if it was sibling spat or the beginning of this terriority isnt big enough for both of us.

What I do know is neither I or my camera were quick enough to get decent snaps as they battled through forest canopy.

The first pix was about best I could get though you tell from following photos, they werent happy with each other

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love that second shot

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera


Very interesting encounter, seems like you were quite close to the action?  - great photos, really like the last one.

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Wow great photos, very clear. You get an idea of how big that middle toe is compared to the BGH. You must have been pretty close.

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Cheers Dev and very interesting about the toe thanks.

Yes I was about 20 metres from them and they couldnt care less. (Try that with adults :) )

Ironically I probably would have better chance of getting a clear photo when they were doing their aerial duels in between trees if I had a clear view from further away.

Nevertheless it was amazing to watch them racing about the trees

Dont take life too seriously, it never ends well

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Great shots laza. Love the second and last ones in particular. A lot of raptor shots on the net seem to have been digitally enhanced. These are real shots of real birds in real circumstances. Well done mate!

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