Recommendation for Northern Victoria

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Recommendation for Northern Victoria

I'd like to take at least a week-long vacation to Northern-western victoria to places like Wyperfield national park and surrounding areas to see the diverse parrots around there, including the beautiful Major Mitchell's cockatoo. My top priority is parrots and cockatoos, though I am interested in seeing other birds as well.

Does anyone have recommendations on the best time of the year to go? I don't imagine that area is particularly popular but I would like to avoid any popular tourist-filled times, if such times even exist for that area.


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Hi auto. My wife & I camped in Hatta-Kulkyne National Park many years ago. There are annabranches of the River Murray though the park so the best time to visit is after a good flood when creeks & small lakes have plenty of water in them. 

I don't recall much about the bird list but one great observation I made was of a Black-breasted Buzzard. Lots of water birds, of course, & also White- breasted Woodswallows. 

At the time there were lots of River Red Gum saplings which are now probably tall trees producing their own youngsters. I also recall the national parks authorities were culling kangaroos because the animals were eating too much of the vegetation - so the ranger told us. It would be interesting to see if the cull has benefited the park. 

Further south there's Little Desert National Park which we've visited several times. Plenty of good bird watching to be had there, too. 

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