a few more from Tassie

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a few more from Tassie

Occasionally the sun broke through or the rain stopped so here are a few more.

Double-banded Plovers (there were 26 in a flight shot!) at Devonport where I endeavoured not to break another ankle!

Ruddy Turnstone non-breeding plummage at Devonport 

Ruddy Turnstone breeding plummage at Devonport

Yellow-tailed Black-cockatoo stripping the pines at Oatlands

Yellow-throated Honeyeater at Stanley... not sure how I got this considering the tree was really moving about in the strong wind which at least blew the clouds aside for a moment

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More great pics Sue.

The YT Honeyeater and the DB Plovers would be new ones for me.

I love how you have soen both the breeding and non breeding plumage in the Ruddy Turnstones

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Great set Sue, all would be new for me except the YTBC

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera


Beautiful photos ... the Yellow-throated Honeyeater is a great looking bird and a great shot  ... glad no ankles were broken taking these shots

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Beautiful clear & crisp photo's Sue, hope you are enjoying your trip. Got my first DB Plovers last weekend, the YT Honeyeater would be a new one for me.


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Thanks for the comments. Being the wettest and windiest we have experienced in Tassie, we were happy to be back home.

I had the camera and lenses re-calibrated recently and wanted to try them out so I am quite pleased with the pictures. Found two birds new to me (Flame Robin and Crescent Honeyeater) and I had only seen the Hooded Plovers once before (posted earlier). However, these would be my best Ruddy Turnstone pictures.

It is great to see everyone posting their favourite bird pics and sharing the excitement at finding a new one. Please keep it up


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