centennial park tawny frogmouths

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centennial park tawny frogmouths

I love these strange birds, i have not seen many although i realise they are quite common.

019 by Ann Connor, on Flickr

021 by Ann Connor, on Flickr


They are remarkable looking birds - great to get them right in the center of sydney at centennial park. Nice shots.

I had one visiting my garden quite regularly at night about a year ago - sometimes would perch on power lines or neighbours tree, and make a low boom-boom call.

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Great shots Ann

I always wonder when im hiking , how many of these hide in plain sight champs Ive actually pass by.

Dont take life too seriously, it never ends well

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It took a long time for me to see these ones until they moved, their impression of a tree branch was very good!


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It is remarkable how long they can stay in the one position.

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Well done, Elizabeth. They can be hard to spot even when you know they are there.


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Thank you, i was like you with the Nightjars, someone pointing them out and still not being able to see!


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