Crooked Brook Forest

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Crooked Brook Forest

Headed up to Crooked Brook just near Bunbury WA as I heard that Fan-tailed Cuckoos had arrived for spring breeding, a new tick for me.

Besides finding the bird thanks to its distinctive call, though pity it was so highly perched , a female redcap, scarlett robin pair and Carnaby Black Cockatoo provided some good imagey

[/url]DSC_2318 by Loz H, on Flickr" />[/url]DSC_2318 by Loz H, on Flickr" />

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Great set. Been hearing lots of Fan-tailed Cuckoos around lately as well. Love the Carnabys. Only managed to get them in flight some distance away when I was in WA.


Great set of photos for your return to the forum. 

Only one I have seen is fan tailed cuckoo - reasonably common around sydney.

Love those little robins - just beautiful. 

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Thanks WD

Yes with overseas holiday, camera issues, trying to get on forum issues and poor weather for feather photos its been a while :)

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