Hello from Queensland!

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Hello from Queensland!

Hello to all you wonderful birders!

Some may still remember me from a good few years ago, but for those who don't - my name is Elsie. I have been birdwatching since I was very young and am passionate about bird photography and conservation. While I was an avid photographer last time I was here, I am now quite limited as to time (and not having a huge long lens!) and mostly love watching the birds wherever I happen to be. I have recently married and moved to a new town in QLD and am enjoying learning all the new birds from here, and it reminded me how much I enjoyed being a part of this forum. 

I am excited to be back and look forward to getting to see and partake in all the beautiful photos and stories once again!

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Sounds like me, my camera isn’t good enough to take long distance photos, so i have to get realy close to bird. So I prefer to just watch them.

i tend to stick to taking photos of things that don’t move. Or birds that are still.

Wimmera mally region, Vic.

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And watching them without the camera is sometimes the best therapy a body needs I reckon! 
Parks are often good for taking photos close up, you'll get mostly the more "common" birds Ibis and Magpies and such - but still good opportunities! That's what i've been doing anyway :) 

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Welcome back Elsie. I do have been busy with other things and have only just come back to see how the site is going. 


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Thank you Sue! Lovely to see you back here too! I hope life has been treating you well :)

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