Is this black magpie?

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Is this black magpie?

Hi there

Has anyone else ever seen a black magpie?  It looks like a magpie, hangs out with a magpie group and walks like  a magpie. We have never seen one before and cant find any pictures of one on the internet.  Its definitely not a crow or a currawong. 



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Looks like it could be but only on my phone so picture small. Staining can also occur especially with these fires. You could post it on Facebook page Australian Bird Identification as unusual coloration is of interest. Various mutations do occur. Perhaps this would be termed "melanistic" as opposed to the pale ones called "leucistic". You should also include a location & date. Hope that is if some help.

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Thank you Sue, I'll have a look at Facebook.  Its definitely black (it has been on our property for a while and is not blackened from the fires).  We are located 45 minutes north east of Canberra in the Mount Fairy region (approximately 10km East of Lake George). I suspect it may be a genetic glich, just thought I'd share as it is quite unusual! Cheers

AJ Anderson
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Looks like a normal Black-backed Magpie (ssp tibicen) that is a little dirty. Can clearly see the white mantle (hind neck) and coverts on wing.

It must have found a sooty hollow or dirt to roll in.

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