Sick Juvenile Butcher Bird (Grey)

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Sick Juvenile Butcher Bird (Grey)

Advise needed - Last night a Juvenile Butcher bird stayed and slept on feeding bench didn't go back to family, although he had moved to the ground this morning I am concerned as this is unusual, he/she (lets call it BB) should be flying around with other family members this morning but BB was just sitting on the wet ground. I am presuming BB is sick but he has no visible injuries and he was fine the day before. BB is about 7/8 months old and although the family is familiar with us and can be hand fed they normally don't let us touch them or hang around for long periods of time. BB allowed us to stroke his/her back and allowed me to pick up and transfer to towel nest to dry and keep safe on our veranda. I have not seen other family members picking on BB but not sure about the sudden change. Any advice on what might be wrong and who would be best to call?

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Hi Samoa's, thanks for caring, have a look in the link to find a wildlife rescue service near you (hopefully).

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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