Woodswallows at Long Reef.

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Woodswallows at Long Reef.

Denis and a friend popped up for a couple of days birding up this end of Sydney. I had promised them the Powerful Owl and the Collared Sparrowhawks, but neither of them were around at the time.
However, when we went to Long Reef to see the waders, Denis spotted the 3 White-browed Woodswallow and a Masked Woodswallow that was blown over our way by the recent dust storm 3 weeks ago.
This one in the photo is the juvenile female White-browed. It took a real liking to Denis and followed him up the track. Not quite the Owl he was hoping for, but a good bird nonetheless.

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Hi Gelmir, I'm just back from the Northern Beaches... would I be right in thinking Long Reef is near Dee Why/Collaroy? We walked around the headland/golf course and over to Manly and Narabeen Lagoon,I was amazed at the varied birds we saw, so close to the city and suburbia but wonderful 'pockets of wildlife' for sure.

Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best

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G'day Hev,

Long Reef is pretty much the golf course and beach at the northern end of Dee Why, just before Collaroy.

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Hi Gelmir
A great spot for birding, there at Long Reef.
The Woodswallows were unexpected and a bonus.
Thanks for showing us around there and your other favourite haunts, and the Royal as well.


Good onya guys,well done.

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