White Cheeked Honeyeater

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White Cheeked Honeyeater

This little fella is a common sight in our garden, he turns up at about 5:30pm everyday without fail.


Wow, you're lucky, I've seen one once before from afar, must be a delight to have him turn up everyday at the same time! Your really must stake out the area and if you sit quietly enough you could really get some ripper photos. Great work!


yes it is great. The White-Cheeked, is one of the many that we get in our garden. We also get Eastern Spinebills, Blue Faced Honeyeaters, and Yellow Cheeked Honeyeaters, oh and I musn't foget get the obligatory Nosiy Miner. I thnk this is good considering there is a semi main road between us and about 15km of Bushland.

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Hi jrn
What is that gorgeous bird in your avatar? Did you take it?


Sunshine Coast Queensland


That bird in my avatar is a Gouldian Finch. I did not take that photo but I do have some Gouldians in my aviary that I am trying to breed at the moment. Currently the Gouldian is an endangered species with about 2500 in the wild. The exist in NT/NQLD. Currently The Save the Gouldian Fund is trying to prevent their demise.

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Nice photos jrn it's good when you appreciate the birds in the garden.


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