Rainbow Beeeater

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Rainbow Beeeater

Just back from holiday on Fraser Island. Only spotted one Kingfisher and didn't even get close to getting a shot. Plenty of other birds though. (Haven't posted for a while, I hope I remember what to do)

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Wow Lefti..... you nailed it in the 2nd shot... that is beautiful. they are a stunning bird aren't they? The only good shot I have ever taken was at Coolum beach... didn't realise they were beach creatures even.

Good to see you



Sunshine Coast Queensland


My favourite bird, agree with Birdie that 2nd photo is a stunner, nice photos, thanks for sharing.

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wow. great shots.. I had never even seen these birds until I went to magnetic island... I could not get any half decent shots... wow that second shot is great Im envious....

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Thanks for all the comments. A few more details about the shots follow.
The background of the first shot is the sea at Indian Head, such a lovely colour.
The second shot was a fluke. I just happened to click as he took off. I didn't even realise it was so good until I was flicking through the shots when I got back on the bus.
Background in the third shot was distant pandanis.

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The flight shot is gorgeous

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Lefti, thess pics are just right!

Oxalis is not my friend


Great photo of the Bee eater flying. The 3rd one is a beauty as well. Well done!

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Your photos are lovely, especially #2.

I am very envious of the bird in flight, I am just not quick enough to get a photo like that.

Rainbow Bee-eaters are my favourite bird, they are so colourful. We have them in the reserve over our back fence.

Brisbane QLD

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Well done!
We get these in western Sydney. In fact I have seen them already in two places about 15km apart. :)

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flight shot is absolutely WOW!!!!

Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best

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Hey all,

I live at Cooloola Cove in Queensland. There is a pair of Rainbow Bee-eaters that return to our backyard every year to breed. As our whole backyard is sand (the whole Cooloola area is), the birds build their nesting tunnel in the ground, not in a bank as is reputedly more common. I am not sure if they are the same individuals because when the mating rituals begin there are usually more than two birds involved. At this time of year, I have seen a number of mated pairs in the coastal heath along the beach from Rainbow Beach to Inskip Point.

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Very lucky Cooloola..... can you get any pics to show us? I think we all love bee eaters :)

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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you found one who loves the camera ;) fantastic shots !

kind regards

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Awesome pics of the rainbow beeeaters. haven't seen any down here in port macquarie, in face cannot find it in the "bird finder" Is there another name for this awesome bird.

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re beeeater
I found it under kingfisher.. duh... newbie at some species from northern areas..


Beautiful shots lefti

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