Woodgate birds

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Woodgate birds

After braving the floods and washouts we finally got to Woodgate, near Bundaberg and the weather has cleared up beautifully. I went for a walk in search of some birds this morning and it turned into a 12km marathon.
It was looking a little bleak till I came across some coastal scrub and banksias and then I was in heaven for an hour. When I finally started the walk home I realised I still had a 5 km walk to get home!!! Could have done with an IS lens but this is what I achieved anyway.

This parent Kooka was being very coy and trying to keep me from looking at the babies but I knew they were around somewhere

Forgot to upload the babies!! I'll have to do a 2nd post

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So am thinking a Brown Thornbill... could someone confirm or deny please?

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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Looks like a Brown Thornbill to me. :) Very, very well done!

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Some nice clear shots there Birdie. What is the focal length of your lens that you are using?

Samford Valley Qld.


Nice shots Birdie

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I found some more posts from Woodgate Beach ... they are a couple of years old but these were a highlight for me. It makes me realise how my photography has gone off too without being able to do it for a year or so and with illness sapping the brain etc 

I have a fair bit of catching up to do, but it is good to look back on some older posts and see what I was up to then.

Hope others dont mind revisiting smiley

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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Lovely photos, was worth the walk by the look of it.



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