Wood Duck @ Wentworth Falls

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Wood Duck @ Wentworth Falls

Just been given a camera & i was keen to try it out on any bird that happened to come along. Panasonic Lumix dmc fz7, better than the camera i had.?

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Nice shot mrtattoo. good detail on its back.

Cheers, Owen.

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My favourite designer duck ...well taken :')

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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Great shot mrtatoo, I love the wood ducks! At one stage we had 23 on our property, all pooping everywhere!!! They didn't last very long, the eagles ate them one after the other. So next season the clever ducks didn't come back to bread.LOL The Lumix and you did a fab job. Me, I like shots from behind!( sounds bad, doesn't it?)Haha!!


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Very nice pic Mrtatoo,
Look forward to seeing a lot more.


Good one Mrtattoo.

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thanks for your great comments guys & gals

if your happy when your birding, flap your wings.

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Love wood ducks, good shot

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