Araminta's Baby Spinebills

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Araminta's Baby Spinebills

M-L noticed some baby Eastern Spinebills recently and it is quite unusual for winter.

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Thanks Owen, for posting my photos yet again. I have to be honest though, these photos were taken last season. When I saw the E-Spinebills feeding today, I didn't have the camera with me, and the sheub was too thick anyway.I don't like lying, but the babies would have looked the same as these. Has anyone else seen new birds yet? Can't wait for more. I think the New Holland Honeyeaters will be next, haven't found their nest yet. M-L


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lovely ive never seen baby spinebills before. gd 1.

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What a great photo even if it is last years. :poke: I haven't seen any baby birds yet but I have heard what sounds like nestlings calling for food.

I also haven't seen baby spinebills before either - they are quite chubby for a bird that, as an adult, always looks so streamlined and "dapper". There is a Grevillea rosmarinifolia outside the warehouse where I work and the spinebills flit between it and the Eucalyptus leucoxylon but they are so fast I would not have a hope of getting any photo let alone one as good as this.

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Araminta, doesn't matter if you saw them in Botswana in 1974...ha ha ha....They are beautiful them and thx for sharing.

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Beautiful shots Araminta .... you have been hiding your talents from us...thanks Owen once again for releasing them :')

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Nice ones Marie-Louise, thanks Owen.

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Really good, Araminta. I heard New Holland honeyeater fledglings about 3 weeks ago but that's not entirely unusual at that time of the year for this species.
And gyn, I know those eastern spinebills are swift but don't despair. Patience is the virtue of the long distance photographer.

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These are terrific photos. I'm glad you showed us the babies - I didn't know what they looked like. You should not hesitate to post photos as good as these

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