Abandoned Eggs

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Abandoned Eggs


My name is Maya, I just joined the forum because I have found a nest in a tree in my backyard.
I live in Perth, Western Australia and have found two small white eggs that belong to a Laughing Dove, I think.
One day I watched the bird make the nest and now there are eggs but the mother, or father, have not been back in days and I am worried about the eggs.
I don't know anything about birds.
Will the eggs survive without incubation??
Do doves usually sit in the nest, or not??
Is there anything I can do to save the eggs??
They have been alone for a few days now, is it too late??

Please help xx

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Hi Maya,

Unfortunately it is pretty common for birds to abandon the nest especially when they are building or have just laid if something is not quite right. There won't be anything you can do, but hopefully they have moved on to another site and are busy making a nest now.


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