Bird teamwork in action...

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Bird teamwork in action...

The scene: Des Renford Aquatic Centre, Maroubra NSW, the participants: One Noisy Miner, 2 Australian Ravens, one Sacred Ibis and one Crested Pigeon.

Mum has finished swim with small daughter, decides to eat on bench table near kiosk, spreads out food and drink on table. Ducks inside to get coffee, Noisy Miner lands on grass and hops towards table, little girls yells "Birdeee" gets off seat to go to bird, out of nowhere Australian raven lands on table, takes one sandwich, another follows, and takes another sandwich but drops half taking off, Sacred Ibis darts across grass and picks up dropped portion. All over in under 10 seconds!

Mum comes back to see Ibis trying to get half sandwich down its gullet, looks in horror as no sandwiches left on table, Crested Pigeon darts around grass picking up dropped pieces. Little girl still calling out for "Birdee mum, birdee!"

Great team work birds!

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The price of a picnic is eternal vigilance, Raven.

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