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no idea

One of the locals here has told me they just call these 'fig birds'.

I'm sure I have seen them in NSW so they maybe common enough to not be that interesting.

Still like to know what they are though. Have had a bit of a google around and can't find the answer. Please excuse the shocking photo but they don't seem to hang around long. They are basically sky blue to grey with a black head. I have not really made out their call as yet either.


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I could be wrong here CQbirdwatcher but to me it looks like a black faced cuckoo shrike.


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My guess is the same as Headsie. The call is quiet a nice one. Hard to describe.

They have a habit of shuffling their wings when they land and I know someone who calls them Shuffle Birds for that reason.


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Yep, Black Faced Cookoo Shrike.

See Yez

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And in answer to your other comment "maybe common" yes they are definately common. They are found in every corner of Australia. I like them though. I only ever see one or two a couple of times a month around here.

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Forgot to say thanks to everybody.

Thanks everybody. ;)

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