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I live on the south coast of NSW & spotted this bird today, but have no idea what it is?
It had the shape of a parrot, maybe the size of a galah, was grey/blue in colour, but had the sounds of bird of prey.
When I looked at the bird, I thought I would see maybe a falcon, from the sound it made, but it sure wasn't a falcon.
It also had white feather on the underside of its wings, when it flew away.

If anyone can help, it would really alleviate my confusion.

Thx from Green :-)

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Hi Green
When begging for food, baby galahs make a "machine-gun" sound which can be mistaken for an alarm call of a raptor.
So your two guesses might combine into a Galah, sounding like a hawk.

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Hmmm... another bird that is the same size and shape as the galah is the gang-gang cockatoo, which has a bit of a cockatoo squawk. Females are basically dark grey all over, while males have a red head.

- soakes

Olinda, Victoria, Australia

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Did you get a good look at the beak? That would ultimately tell you whether it was a parrot or raptor.

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