Rock Dove

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Rock Dove

After great help from Denis with my last bird I thought I'd see if I can get a positive ID on a dove type bird I took a photo of near Maryborough a few months back. I have posted a photo here:

I'm guessing it could be a Rock Dove but I haven't seen any this colour before. May be another variety. Any help much appreciated.
Regards, Susy.

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G'day Susy,
I can't make out what it is due to the very small size of the image. I even registered on the forum, but I still couldn't see it nay bigger. Perhaps if you could post a larger image of it.

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Hi Susy

Same problem as Gelmir, but maybe a Brown Cuckoo Dove?

Ed Townsville NQ

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Thanks Gelmir and ed. I'm told this link now shows the original size photo when you click the thumbnail.

Looks like it could be a Brown Cuckoo which would be a first for me. Really appreciate the help.

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definately a Brown Cuckoo Dove.

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I agree.

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