another Newbie from the Mid North Coast

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another Newbie from the Mid North Coast

Hi All

Yes another Newbie but a little further north then Newcastle and Bellbird...I am lucky whereas I have just moved onto a 1 acrea block surrounded by State Forest and the block has had little to no gardens on it...I am now MASS planting grevillea, bottle brushes, she oaks and lots of other native Trees. One VERY large Rainforest Garden in centre to soften it all and something for the local frogs.

I have always been obsessed with animals of all sorts and so my love of photography just seemed to naturally follow. I think I have 4 or 5 shots of people and everything else is animals flowers birds dogs bugs and just general weird stuff. I have assisted with banding and collecting data of wild birds for the ornithalogical society many moons ago.

Hope to chat with you all some time and learn even more



WElcome, look forward to hearing from you, and good luck planting your native trees, you should attract some nice honeyeaters.

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