What's everyone doing for Christmas?

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What's everyone doing for Christmas?

In line with the "social" nature of this forum, I thought I'd ask what everyone's doing for Christmas. Anyone doing anything exciting? Or just relaxing?

I have a little niece (19th months) so she really "makes" Christmas for us. We're not really doing presents this year. We're giving money to charities instead (yes I'll probably give money to a wildlife charity), but my little niece will be absolutely spoiled :-).

My boyfriend and I will get little presents for eachother, but we're planning to save money so that we can go on a short birdy holiday at around Easter time.

Anyone going on a birdy holiday over the Christmas break?

Anyone have to work over Christmas?


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Not much this year. Church in the morning, then a dinner with the family later that day.
Plenty of time off work though. Not back at work until either the 9th or 14th. I've just got a new camera yesterday, and a new lense will be arriving in the next few days, so I'll be doing lots of birding.
I'll be heading out to some favourite haunts in Western Sydney, as well as a couple of days in Newcastle, and the rest of the time I'll be busy with the birds on this side of Sydney.

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