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please help

Hello to all.
im in a seemingly desperate situation with what has become a problem bird in my neighbourhood.
We have a pair of Red Wattle birds living in a large tree behind our place,and its making the usual loud squak associated with their kind.
however,my kids refuse to stay here now,as it agitates my wee boy. its very hard to explain,im only begining to understand it a nutshell,the dam things have got to go,period.
anyone out there that may have a suggestion on how to rid this beautiful pest???! Shooting them is a favourable method but we live in urbanville,so we're surrounded by properties. maybe a poison(dont hate me for that suggestion).
Any advice is greatly appreciated.


I have an idea Robert, ring National Parks and Widlife and ask them what their thoughts are on your best method of poisoning or shooting them because I certainly cannot help you.
Oh by the way, I don't "hate" you for asking this question,I feel sorry for you mate.

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I have idea to move your self.

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Hi Robert
While I have some sympathy for your problem, can I ask you to please not suggest EVEN IN POSSIBLE JOKING MANNER poisoning or shooting of native birds. They are protected.
* - Firstly it is illegal.
* - Secondly, use of poisons is necessarily indiscriminate, and so is very risky and socially undesirable. Think of what happens when people use poison baits for dogs.
* - Thirdly, it poses a possible legal issue for the Museum of Australia which hosts this site.
If you were joking, then in my opinion it is not funny.

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Well,i am certainly greatful for your input folks.
i am ,however,not joking,and moving house is not a viable also assuming that smeedingo2 doesnt have kids!
I shall have to find another way to shift these animals on,though it would be my luck that should they be moved,another equally rowdy pair will fill their spot in that tree.
Thanks to all.

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Unless you are going to spend the next eighteen plus years removing 'problem' birds from your son's environment I'd suggest helping him deal with his issues with the wattlebirds, rather than trying to remove them.

Killing them is not only inhumane and unlawful - it teaches your children a very poor life lesson.

You don't say how old he is, but books about birds, a CD with the various calls - or use the ones on the BiBY site - and helping him to enjoy positive interactions with birds will pay off in the long term.

Depending on the level of his agitation, you may need professional help.

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Heh Marge may??


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G'day crew,2nd post,sorry marj 4 bodgey spelling,hi Denis wise reading ALL your posts,live at Ulladulla yep down the road from yourself Denis,own a sorry guys kodak easy share yeah i know but am learning heaps of info on this Robert1 u know what they say about assuming?,oh i also don't have any children but did yours cry when they were young? education apparently is a wonderful tool!


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