Happy Holidays

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Happy Holidays

I'll be working long shifts over the next couple of days but still wanted to wish you all a pleasant and safe break during the "silly season" and to say I'll be looking forward to plenty of photos and stories now and into the new year. :')

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Thanks qyn55 .... and have a good one !!

Sunshine Coast Queensland


The same to you qyn55, have a great christmas.

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Have a nice Christmas Alison, even if you have to work.

Photo: melting star


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Hope you don't have to drive too much to and from work in the next days. If you do, take care and be safe, and have a happy Christmas and New Year despite the long shifts.


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Thanks for the kind wishes everyone and I love the star and bokeh. I don't even need to know if it is made of ice or a wet piece of glass!

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