Zebra Finches

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Zebra Finches

The Zebra Finches have obviously had great breeding seasons in Central Australia over the past 12 months (possibly longer) with all the rain. The flocks are into the hundreds sometimes driving along outback roads and highways. I took these photos at a viewing area just outside Uluru. I think they were getting some sort of food from the mud in the gravel. These photos cannot represent all of the finches around in the 15 minutes I was there. There were hundreds upon hundreds.

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aww,i love these birds,and you got some excellent shots here :p

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Just amazing photos! So beautiful! Great photos Richard!

How lucky you are to have been amongst hundreds of these little cuties!

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Wow Richard, there are some definite benefits of living in theh Centre. I would love to see huge flocks of finches etc. Great shots  ..... thanks for showing us what a real bird sighting is ha ha !!!

By the way ...were they noisy en masse like that!!

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How special, one of my favorite little birds! Great to see a breeding event like has happened around the centre for the past few seasons.

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Hi birdie, noisy? You bet. Normally you hear the flock well before you see them. Same with the budgies. There is a video somewhere on the internet of a huge flock of budgies around Uluru in January. And yes, living in the Centre has definite benefits (so long as you can escape every now and then!)

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