Wonga pigeon's annual visit

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Wonga pigeon's annual visit

The Wonga pigeon visits us in the lower Blue Mountains for only 1 or 2 days in summer each year. After strolling nonchantly around the front lawn for an hour, he spent some time rummaging among the leaf litter under camellias & plum trees in the back garden before flying onto the fence and then into the lower branches of a liquidamber.

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I'm glad you posted this great shot, Bigbird, as I'm unfamiliar with the wonga pigeon. Any ideas on why it stays only 1 or 2 days.

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No idea why it's only a very brief visit. It's not after fruit or anything else that's only around for a short time. It spends most of it's time happily strolling around. We have a large block (3/4 acre) & it usually, stays in our back garden. This is the first year we've seen it in the front of the house,  but it wasn't too perturbed when folks walked past - just ran across the lawn from the front of the block to the shelter of some shrubs along the side. As you can see from the pic, it lets you get quite close. Would love to have it around more often.

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Good shot! Lovely colors in his coat, and nice pattern on his tummy.

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Thanks for your comment. Rather looks as if it's wearing a string vest :)

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Lovely bird to have strolling around your garden , I have never seen one

Sunshine Coast Queensland


Great shot, i have only seen them twice before (up at Walhalla) and your photo is just lovely. How nice to have them visit you.

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None of those here either.  What a splendid looking bird, and a great pic.

Brisbane southside.

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We only ever see one of them. Thought it was a small duck the first year when we saw it wandering around from a distance. We now feel very privileged when we have a visit each year.

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Beautiful bird. Must be something that attracts him like a landmark or tree but probably the friendly hosts.

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Lovely lacework design on its belly! Thanks for sharing


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