Bird Week - nest theme and we need your help!

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Bird Week - nest theme and we need your help!

Hey all

Bird Week is coming up from the 22nd of October. BirdLife has a 'who's nesting where' theme. We are looking for people who want to share interesting stories about birds that they have had breeding in their garden (nest box or otherwise) who might be happy to share photos or even be interviewed about their experience. Of course Birds in Backyards will have some things available in time for Bird Week too.

I know some of you have had great experiences with things like pardalotes and with nest boxes.

Send me an email if you are keen to be involved.


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Pair of Australian Ravens nesting high in the gum tree three houses down.

Pair of Pied Currawongs nesting in the fig tree at the local school.

Pair of Spotted Turtle Doves in my neighbours lemon tree.

About 60 to 100 Indian Mynah's roosting/nesting under road bridge.

Feral Pigeons nesting between glass and louvre shutters on 3rd floor of office building.

Pair Sulphur Crested Cockatoo's nesting in gum tree hollow at local park.

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I was just out on Saturday morning doing a bird survey that I have designed for uni (not too sure of the quality of my counting, but no matter).

I noticed a couple of gum trees (Sydney Blue Gum or similar) in one relatively treeless park that seemed to be host to at least 1 pair of nesting galahs, 2 pairs of nesting rainbow lorikeets and possibly a pair of nesting scaly breasted lorikeets. The value of these large trees that drop branches to our native birds and animals is huge.


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So you are only interested in nests in the garden Holly?  I see lots of nests out in the field too. Sadly none in my garden

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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birdie wrote:


So you are only interested in nests in the garden Holly?  I see lots of nests out in the field too. Sadly none in my garden


No I think the guys doing the media side of things want all sorts of stories.

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Spotted Turtle Doves nesting on top of red traffic light lens in Sydney has been mentioned in the Sydney Morning Heralds Column-8 section this week.  Today (Friday) a reader suggested the reason being that the red light is on the longest time and thus the birds get the heat radiated through the lens...

A few years back some Indian Mynah birds had a nest on top of the right turn red arrow lens on a set of lights along Silverwater Road in Sydney. 

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I've got a pair of pale-headed rosellas in a nestbox on my verandah (due to hatch in about 4 days time) with a kookaburra making life hell for them by flying up to the nestbox and hitting it with his beak.  Whether he wants the box or is being territorial I dont know.  He also attacks them when the male comes in and calls her out.  One of them has lost 6 feathers due to this onslaught.

Also driving my dog crazy when the kookaburra does this. 

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Spotted pardalote

I found a hole in the bank of a creek and watched the birds feeding the young over a few weeks. A cold front came through and dumped about 100 mm of rain . A week later once the water level had dropped I went back to the site with a friend to check things out. Everything look intact so I decided to dig it out with my hands just to see the nest, to my surprise I found five fully feathered birds-  dead ! Surely they could have flown the nest. As I read on another post - when is it the right time to leave the nest?

See it!  Hear it!

Mid-North Coast NSW

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