White-necked Heron

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White-necked Heron

Well after 8 weeks of being stuck at home I am finally up and about. First trip just a short drive to Mount Annan Botanical gardens. Got my 100 lifer. A White-necked heron. I must have looked a sight with 1 crutch & a camera hobbling about. Hey you can't keep a keen birder down. I almost missed this bird, it was well hidden amongst the reeds. It feels so good to be out and about especially at this time of the year.

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YAY! I hope that the sun stays out so that you can do heaps of birding!smiley

Great photoyes

Annie W
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Wow!  Beautiful bird!   Great capture donnanags!  I bet you were glad it wasn't 8 weeks through spring/summer!! laugh

West Coast Tasmania

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I am so happy for you Donnaheart That is one great photo, I love itheartheartheart


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 no thats not the one eating the neighbors outside gold fish   (all white one ?).

                                                                                       again a lovely picture.

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Thank you all for your comments. Yes Ruby I a very glad that I was not stuck at home during spring/summer.
George I am a little confused by your comment. Can you please elaborate a little bit more.

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The first time I saw one of these I was like Wow... Then I would see them everywhere I went , even one day coming home in the car on the busy highway one was standing there on the side of the road , amazing it didn't even seem scared of the cars travelling so fast and close to it. Anyway I haven't seen any for a while now so whether they have moved on I am not sure. But it is a bit of a turn around to feel like you are being stalked by a bird instead of stalking it.

Kerry - Perth, Western Australia.

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att donnanags neighbors have a seasonal episode with a large  white crane ? getting the gold fish through the wire each year.

it is all white.

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It's probably a species of Egret,George

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lovely shot - have not seen one before with  the spots


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